The beach Louise Dodson

Relaxing and unwinding

The feeling of the beach

Do you ever feel so stressed that you just need to go somewhere traanquil and blissful? The beach has waves crashing againt the shore. The smell of the salty sea tingles as you breathe it in.

Above the tide-line the grey rocks are splashed gorse-yellow with close-growing lichen, and with others of blue-green and salmon pink. Beneath them are the vivid orange-browns and siennas of wrack-weeds, the violet of mussel-beds, dead-white sand, and water through which one sees down to the bottom, as though pale green bottle-glass, to where starfish and big spiny urchins of pink and purple rest upon the broad leaves of the sea-tangle.

Breath taking sunsets
So much to see

During the day it is packed at the beach, people hustling everywhere, loud noises. The atmosphere is loud and not relaxing. There isn't much room to do anything.

People everywhere, hustled together

As the sun set the beach quietens down and you can have some peace to relax. The sunset is amazing! You can get loads of great photos to blow peoples minds.

The best sunsets you will ever see!

The seagulls may try to eat your chips but, you will still be able to have a walk to unwind.

At the beach you can normally go to the pier where there is a lot of rides and amusement to keep you occupied

Smelling the sea salt and hearing the waves crash will help stop your nerves

Some of the colours and sights you will see will blow your mind and you will never be the same again

You can go for a walk, a run, or you can just sit and sunbathe the day away dreaming. There is so much for you to do.

The sun relesed vitamin D making your body release chemicals to make you a happier person.

The beach can offer you a chance to see new things and find your adventurous side.


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