Wolves  By: madison lingard

What do they look like?

Wolves have large ears that are very similar to dog ears however they stick straight up and are filled with fur. They have wide set faces with thick heavy fur making them appear even larger than they already are and have a long nose. The paws of the wolves can be very large in size possibly getting up to the size of a full grown adults hand. Their paws are designed to walk on a variety of surfacing and are slightly webbed between the toes to help them walk through snow and to swim.

They travel and live in packs like what you see in this picture.

Where are they from?

Wolves are native to the wilderness. Most commonly from North America and Eurasia. They require large amounts of area to walk on that include large amounts of forest and mountain terrain.

What do wolves eat?

Wolves are carnivores which mean they eat meat. And although wolves themselves weigh about 80 pounds they can kill and eat bison weighing up to 2000 pounds. They do eat other foods than meat also like berries, earthworms and grasshoppers.

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