The Chickasaw Tribe by mia Lutrzykowski

Early Establishments

  • descendants of Chickemicaws
  • migrated from western regions
  • moved east of Mississippi River
  • settled in Northeast MI and Lawrence County TN
  • population of 38,000
  • presently live in OK

Tribe Connections

  • one of Five Civilized Tribes
  • related ethnic groups: Choctaw, Muskogee, Creek, Seminole
  • Muskogean language family
  • relations with French, English, and Spanish
  • raised troops to fight with Confederacy
  • enemies with many tribes

Chickasaw Civilization

  • territory: southeastern US
  • capital: Tishomingo
  • government had apartments
  • divided into two groups: Impsaktea and Incutwalipa
  • farmers and ranchers
  • women- farmed/harvested
  • men- hunted/fished
  • weapons: war clubs, knives, bows & arrows, maces, axes, muskets, rifles
  • houses: mound grass house, wattle and daub house, chickee stilt house


Chief William Colbert

  • aided Americans

Arthur St Clair

  • led Chickasaw allies
  • known as great war-chief
  • served 9 months in infantry
  • led warriors against Creeks

Indian Removal

  • sold land in 1832
  • moved into Indian Territory during Indian Removal Act (OK)
  • negotiated for better supplies
  • one of last tribes to leave
  • journey known as Trail of Tears
  • built first schools, banks, and businesses in Indian Territory
  • died off because of European diseases/harsh climates







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