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Malaysia is in the northern and eastern hemisphere in Asia at 3.14777°N + 101.649° E

The country's and oceans that border Malaysia are:

~Brunei ~Singapore ~Indonesia ~ Thailand~ Indian Ocean ~ Pacific Ocean

Political map of Asia
The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur at 3.1390° N, 101.6869° E
Malaysia is in the tropical zone which is a little above the equator .

The physical pheatures in Malaysia include of tropical wet, mixed forest, evergreen forest.

Tropical wet^^because Malaysia is close to the equator it is hot and there is constant rain in some parts and all of this vegetation grows.
mixed forest^^ The mixed forest is where a couple trees and plants grow.
evergreen forest^^ This is when there are patches of forest in places.
Malaysia has a population of 30.33 million people. Malaysia's world ranking is #35.

With 238 people per square mile

Malaysia's population growth rate is fast. Their percentage is 1.4%. The fertility rate is 1.94 kids per woman. Malaysia is more urban then rural.

The first picture shows line graph information.

Malaysia's largest citys

1) Top left picture is Kota Bharu and has a population of 1,459,994 people.


2)Top right picture is Kuala Lumpur and has a population of 1,453,975 people.


3)The big picture to the left is Klang and has a population of 879,867 people.


4)The middle right picture is Kampung Baru Subang and has a population of 833,571 people.


5) The bottom right picture is Johor Bahru and has a population of 802,489 people.


- .34 migrants.

More people are leaving Malaysia then people who are entering.

I think that Malaysia is developing. Malaysia has a GDP per ca pita of $17,500, which is below average, to become a developed country you at least need a GDP per ca pita of $30,000. The literacy rate is 93% and to be developed you need to have 99% literacy rate. Also, the life expectancy is low, to be a developed country you need to have a life expectancy of at least 78 years. Malaysia has a life expectancy rate of 74.52 years. Overall, I think that Malaysia is a developing country.

Main languages of Malaysia

1) Bahasa Malaysia. This is their official language.

2) English. This is their second most used language.

3) Chinese. This is their third most used language.

4) Tamil. This is their fourth most used language.

5) Telugu. This is their fifth most used language.

Main Religions in Malaysia

1) The first main religion is Muslim. Malaysia is 61.30% Muslim.

2) The second main religion is Buddhism. Malaysia is 19.80% Buddhist.

3) The third main religion in Christianity. Malaysia is 9.20% Christian.

4) The fourth main religion is Hinduism. Malaysia is 6.30% Hindu.

5) The last most popular religion are the traditional Chinese religions. Their percentage is 1.3%.


The first famous landmark are the Petronas twin towers.

The next famous landmark consists of the Batu caves.

Famous dishes

Murtabak. Murtabak is like a stuffed pancake with different types of vegetables inside.

Penang mee rebus. This is basically a soup-like plater of noodles.

Nasi cumpur. This is white rice with a variety of foods surrounding it.


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