Behaviors and Adaptations " A sand shark found in a shark aquarium "
  • When living in captivity they tend to live longer, Both sexes only lives about 7 years.
  • They are free thinkers but can be found in groups of 20 or more.
  • These sharks are ovoviviparous so their eggs evolve in the uterus until birth , which last up to 9 months to a year.
  • They are mostly inactive but at night the real hunt begin.
  • They are able to gulp air from above the surface and collect the air in their stomach , which enables them to become buoyant and approach their prey virtually motionless.

Human Interaction

  • They are no unprovoked attacks from this shark on record.
  • They are generally very gentle and attempt to avoid conflict with humans.
  • They are caught to be put in captivity such as aquarium tanks.


" Welcome to our waters "


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