"Energy is the key to creativity." - William Shatner

Art is Everywhere, in Everything

When was the last time you went to see a movie? Watched a music video, or just listened to music? Or watched television? Art is in all of these things, and more. Those media platforms are art, but many people don't even realize it. We would have nothing fun without art, no recognizable logos, no movies to share with friends and family, no music to dance and sing along to, and most of the products we take advantage of in our day to day life would not exist.

A few pictures representing the many forms of art we take into our lives.

Even Bill Nye, the distinguished "Science Guy", knows art is a key part in our lives.

Mr. Nye even notes that while some things - at their core ideas - aren't exactly art at first - like cars, computers, houses - but we want these things to look good, to look like something we would be proud to own or be seen in or with. And when you want things to look appealing, attractive, eye-catching, or any other fancy term for "good", you start to get into art. A quote from Chris Bangle - Chief of Design at the German automotive company BMW - is "We at BMW do not build cars as consumer objects, just to drive from A to B. We build mobile works of art." And that is how something purely mechanical becomes a piece of moving artwork.

three examples of art being used to make things more aesthetically pleasing.
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