Phone Policy By: Pietra Alves

In February at EARJ a student was caught using her phone during lunch, which is against the school policy. The middle schooler was using her phone trying to be discreet, (according to her she was texting her mom) when suddenly the science teacher saw the student in the act. While the teacher approached her, she hid her phone under the table but it was already too late. The teacher asked the student politely to hand over the phone, but the student refused to give it to her. When she refused to give the teacher her phone, the teacher asked the student to talk in a private place. After a short while the student gave up and handed her phone over to the teacher. While this type of events happen high schoolers walk freely among middle schoolers using their phones.

This is an issue that has been going on for along time, nowadays students are really attached to their phones. In Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro sometimes students find themselves using their phones during school, and according to the school's policy lower schoolers and middle schoolers can't use their phone during school hours. Middle schoolers are the ones that mostly don't agree with this policy, and over the years many phones have been confiscated by teachers. For example, one day at lunch a group of 8th graders were sitting in a table close to the music classroom, when suddenly distracted by their phones the principal sees them and goes straight to them. Not liking that their phones were going to be taken, the students get up and started talking of how unfair is for them to be getting their phones confiscated.

"You guys know you can't use your phone's during school," said the principal

"I really don't understand why we can't," Justificação answered

"This is so unfair!!" Avar looked away

"Ms. I'm sorry but I'm not giving you my phone," Gret said looking fierce

"Guys I don't have time for this give me your phone I have to go!" the principal rushed.

The students ended up giving their phones away and having to get them in the end of school at the office. Some teachers also have a hard time when seeing a student with their phone because most the times they are nice teachers and they don't want to be the bad guy of the story.

According to a survey from the 8th grade Escola Americana Class 90.9% of the 22 students that took the survey think that they should be able to use their phones during brunch/lunch and 9.1% of the students think that they shouldn't. This data proves that the 8th graders have a different opinion from the school administration because of the phone policy they established for middle school. In a teacher's point of view phones may disturb classes. In fact when a student has their phone close it is tempting for them not to use it. But allowing to use the phone during lunch and brunch would not disturb classes since it's a time that students have to take a break and eat something.

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