Winfield Street Deli takes a modern twist on Arthur Avenue

Located just down the road from the Westport train station on Route 136 is Winfield Street Deli. The shimmering red awning grab you from the street bringing you to Arthur Avenue in an instant. As you walk in, the aroma of freshly cured meats and tomato sauce floods the air around you, and the clerks greet you as though you are family.

The Chalkboard menu that looks like it has been there since my grandfather was a kid is covered with different combinations of sandwiches that both embody old and new Italian deli food. The “make your own” part of the menu gives the diner the ability to dress up their sandwich in whichever way they would like with copious varieties of meats, cheeses, and sauces. This neighborhood joint brings you home immediately with its friendly and warm atmosphere.

The first sandwich I tried was #13, which was the classic Chicken Parmigiana. This sandwich could beat Fortunas any day. It was big enough to finish, but small enough to savor. When I took apart the two halves of the sandwich the fresh mozzarella seeped out of the sandwich as the deep red sauce stained the roll. The chicken was moist but had dry parts on the side that did make the sandwich less appetizing. However, the first bite with the cheese, sauce, chicken, and freshly baked bread felt like I was back in italia.

The most unique and my favorite of the sandwiches was the #22, which included porchetta, a meat from the heavens. Porchetta is a boneless pork roast that is seasoned with various Italian flavors including basil, garlic, and prosciutto then sliced into a sandwich. The sandwich also features garlic mayo sauce which balances the porchetta in the sandwich. The ciabatta bread is crispy yet soft on the inside, giving it the perfect consistency to soak up the juices from the porchetta.

Overall, I thought that Winfield Deli had a blend of both traditional and creative sandwiches which made this deli different from many in the greater Fairfield County area. Not to mention they also serve breakfast and have fresh pastries made every morning. The only critique I have of Winfield Deli is their smaller than usual portions with prices that are moderate to high for what you get.

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Sebastian SHuken

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