Current Print Design


  • Use the new branding
  • Use new colors (Red and Blue)
  • Incorporate the main sports
  • Intended for clinics and a conversation starter

Attempt 1

Immediate Feedback

The feedback I received from Kelsey, Lindsay, and the design team was very helpful.

  • The "red" people is a little tough to look at outside of the overall theme
  • Very busy
  • Use more white
  • Keep it simple


Back to the drawing board

From continued tinkering, I developed my way through new designs that build off each other

The Final

From continued collaboration with Megan and Kelsey, we have come up with a design that is pretty much final! We have a few minor details we are still working on, but for the most part, we are settled and happy with the direction this brochure is going.

2017 MaxPreps Brochure


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