Naturally shaped by wind and water, the badlands east of Calgary exhibit an otherworldly landscape.

Sandstone has eroded to form numerous channels and gullies.

Black seams of coal over lighter sandstone create banded hillsides exposing millions of years of sedimentation.

A multitude of mineral deposits form these colourful cliffs

Most striking are the Hoodoos, pillars of sandstone topped with a stone cap. Also known as fairy chimneys, these towers have been sculpted over the years by wind and water.

The Horseshoe Canyon Formation of Late Cretaceous age is composed of mudstone, sandstone, carbonaceous shales, and coal seams. A variety of deposits yield a diversity of fossil material.

Horseshoe Canyon

Horseshoe Canyon has been known for it's relatively rich abundance of dinosaurs including Albertosaurus, Arrhinoceratops and Didelphodon to name a few.

Walking around the gullies and banded hillocks feels like you have moved back in time with the possibility of bumping into a triceratops around the next bend.

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Douglas Bain

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