Prairie Dog By Isabella

The Prairie Dog is a mammal found in the Grasslands. The Prairie Dog has different colors like red, yellow, grey, and brown. They are 12-18 inches long, including the tail. The Prairie Dog weighs about 2-4 pounds A Prairie Dog’s body is mostly covered with brown and grey fur. The Prairie Dog is related to the squirrel family.

The Prairie Dog is an herbivore. The Prairie Dog only eats plants. The Prairie Dog eats different types of plants like leaves and seeds. In the winter, they eat plant roots and plant stems.

Prairie Dogs mostly live in west central United States. Prairie Dogs live in burrows so their predators cannot see them and eat them. Prairie Dogs live with other animals that do not eat them. They make barking sounds to tell others when one is in danger. Prairie Dogs make underground tunnels so the predators will not get them. The enemies of Prairie Dogs are coyotes, humans, eagles, badgers, Black Footed Ferrets, bobcats, and falcons. Prairie Dogs always travel to keep an eye on their predators and to keep each other safe.

As many as six Prairie Dogs may kiss at the same time. When Prairie Dogs fight, they chatter their teeth making a barking sound. A Prairie Dog town is made up of many families that may or may not be related. A Prairie Dog got the name dog from its barking sound. Prairie Dogs mating season is an hour long.

Prairie Dogs are an important part of the grasslands. Prairie Dogs are an important part of the world.


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