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Challenge Statement

challenge statement

Public sector and non-profits have been disadvantaged when it comes to marketing in comparison with for-profits. Many NGOs view financial resources as one of the most important issues when it comes to marketing.

Marketing is typically viewed as an expense and not an investment. Therefore, it is usually the first to be cut during difficult times. In many cases, non-profits don't even include marketing activities as part of their annual budget. allocate 10-20% of projected revenue/funding towards marketing and advertising, on and offline.

Marketing experts recommend that all businesses and non-profits should allocate 10-20% of projected revenue/funding towards marketing and advertising, on and offline.

Some organizations have made great strides by embracing social media marketing tools, while others don’t have the internal marketing skills to effectively compete in the competitive environment.

The other challenge is that audiences are inundated with so much information through ads, radio, TV, social media, etc. that they tune out completely.

So what is the secret to effectively cut through the information clutter to ensure your organization’s voice is heard above the rest?

solutions that deliver results

apc is an innovative branding and marketing agency with the ability to provide effective solutions. We help organizations define and implement their marketing plans to differentiate themselves from the competition. Let us do what we do best to assist in reaching the full potential of your organization with a well-planned approach to marketing.

Success begins with the creation and implementation of an integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan that ensures everyone within the organization will speak with one voice and one purpose through a clear, focused, well-articulated message.

The common goals of every business and non-profit are to create new clients and keep them. Businesses and non-profits also share common strategies and processes that align with their goals as outlined below:

ATTRACT – raise awareness with new clients and increase audience reach;
CONVERT – create value so your clients want your services; and
RETAIN – keep your clients coming back.

The execution of your integrated marketing communications plan will effectively target your audience, develop support systems to assist you throughout, and inspire calls to action through content and analytics for continuous improvement.

We can help you establish all that is required to get you results and ensure your success.

apc team

We live and breath an inclusive approach to branding and marketing. What's most important to us is getting results and ensuring your success. The team consists of members with years of experience in traditional and social media marketing, executive coaching, First Nation relations, sales, podcasting, advertising, media, graphic design, analytic, copy-writing, quality assurance and project management.

apc clients

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If you would like to learn more about how our solutions can achieve results for you, please contact @ 807.251.2134 or email him at angelo.petta@angelopetta.com. Please visit our site angelopetta.com for more details

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