Taj Mahal Raid 7 ashley czarnecki

History of the Taj Mahal

In 1631 after his wife died during child birth, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built the palace as a tribute to her. The construction of the Taj Mahal started in 1631, and took about 22 years to build what we see today. It is made completely out of white marble that was brought from all over India and central Asia and then finished in 1653. I chose to draw the Taj Mahal because of two reasons: one, I have always found it beautiful, and one of the many places that I would love to go visit; and two, I learned a lot about it from my best friend who's Indian, when we did a project on it a couple years ago.


To begin: I used a ruler to set a scale to the picture I was referencing (the one at the top of the screen) so that I knew whether or not I wanted to have it the actual size or smaller.

I then took my paper and drew a basic outline of the shape and made sure I could distinguish the separation between parts of the piece as a whole.

After I had finished that, I went back and added the structural components that were mainly the two of rectangles and cones. I then started to draw darker at this point because I knew at certain points in the drawing that I was done with.

Lastly, I went back and while looking at the picture in a lot of detail, I went back and added the marble blacksplash on the pillars and the backing of the middle section, along with the detail along the bottom band, and the top.

Successes, Failures, and Complications

After getting to the end of the process (which took me about 4-5 hours), I was very please with how it turned out. I am very proud and I think the biggest success of the drawing was being able to add the detail on the pillars on the outside. I think it really drew it in tighter per say, because it makes a world of difference.

Failures. I continued to have setbacks with the whole piece. I am a perfectionist and since the Taj mahal is symmetrical throughout, it really made me think of it as a setback/failure because I couldn't get one side to match the other. Other than that, I did have trouble with the windows just outside the center piece.

My one complication for the project was the choice of perspective. I spent a good twenty minutes fighting myself on what I should show, and so i had actually drawn a far away perspective and so when I got done, I actually crumpled it up and threw it away because the close up version is the only thing that does it justice.

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