Ocean Waves and Tides By: Meilee Walden

A Tsunami is a wave that forms when an ocean disturbance suddenly moves a large volume of water.
Sea Level is the average level of the ocean’s surface at any given time
A Tide is the periodic rise and fall of the ocean’s surface caused by the gravitational force between Earth and the Moon, and between Earth and the Sun.
A Tidal Range is the difference in water level between a high tide and a low tide
A Spring Tide is the greatest tidal range that occurs when Earth, the Moon, and the Sun form a straight line.
Neap Tide is the lowest tidal range that occurs when Earth, the Moon, and the Sun form a right angle

Parts of A Wave

There are different kinds and sizes of waves in the oceans, but all waves have the same basic parts.

The crest is the high part of the wave and the trough is the lowest part of the wave.

The wave height is the vertical distance between the crest and the trough. The wavelength is the horizontal distance from crest to crest or from trough to trough.

Waves move in a circular motion of water particles extends below the surface. However, as depth increases, the circular motion decreases.

Wave Base is when wave motion stops.

The depth is equal to a distance of one–half the wavelength of the wave above it.

I think it is important to learn about ocean waves and tides, because it is helpful to know how waves and water affect the weather or if you go on vacation where there are oceans, waves and tides.


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