Weekend Wrap Up What makes a SUCCESSFUL pm

My number one goal is to set you guys up for success, and I’m seeing a lot of it out there! I wanted to share some traits that I am seeing from our successful PMs.
1. Enjoy life. The team members out there that are killing it are not just executing at the job, but also finding time to laugh a bit, and enjoy the small things that make life worth living. Don’t get me wrong, this job is great, but it pales in comparison to Bill’s fishing trips, Chad’s new AR, Justin’s recent trip to visit family in CA, and Brittany’s adventures with her kiddos! Many of you have recounted fun stories to me of time spent with family or friends off the clock. Keep it up! If you want to be successful on Monday, then get out there and enjoy your weekend!
2. Successful team members use the tools that they have been given. DaPulse will keep the office off of your back and get your materials to your site on time for install. WunderList will assist you in keeping track of punch work that needs to be completed or has been completed. You are free to add your installer as a WL user and collab with them in app like some PMs do or you can use the app to email and text them up to date to do list, set reminders for follow up, and even send to me or another assisting PM to assist in follow up. DropBox is a great resource for tracking site progress with photos. I love seeing a folder entitled, Cab Install Stud finders followed by a folder entitled Cab damage post install. What a great way to document! The same goes for every trade we have out there. Use that to prove to your builders where damage is coming from and to get partnership is keeping a clean house and work space.
3. The last thing that I want to cover this week is that successful team members communicate clearly and sufficiently. I love to see emails where nothing is left to the imagination. I love punch items where you guys clearly define room space, exact problem, method of fix, direction on where material is, pictures of problem, and due date for punch work to be complete. That’s awesome!

Short and sweet team. Have fun, use the tools available to you, and communicate like a boss. TGIF! Get out there and enjoy the weekend!

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