Presentation mini projects By Janae kite

Sergio Bustamante Abraham Lincoln. He said that Abraham Lincoln struggled as a kid because he had to move a lot. He treated everybody equally and was very nice to people. There's a lot of people that need a compliment. Sergio's idea was to go to people and say nice things. Abraham Lincoln reminds me of teachers because they are nice to kids.

Elijah valverde Matthew Brady. His abstart idea was imaginiation. He decided to do a bake sale. Matthew took adventorious pictures so he had imagination. Mathew Brady reminds me of myself because I love to take pictures of nature.

Kylie prater Clara Barton. Her abstract idea was helpfulness. Clara Barton reminds me of nurses and doctors or surgeons today because she helped people who suffered from the war. Nurses and doctors help people everyday to get a better life.

Jaime Snyder William h carney. His abstract idea was boldness. He did things for others when he didn't have too. He reminds me of my parents because they go out of their way to make me happy.

Ashley Adams rose O'Neal greenhow. Her abstract idea was intelligence. She was a confederate spy. Rose was very intelligent and it reminds me of my grandmas because he comes up with different ways to solve things. He is very smart and knows what he's doing.

Shariah Rodrigues Clara Barton. Her abstract idea was wisdom. Clara barton helped many people feel better about themselves and inspire them to become great. This reminds me of myself because I would go out if my wyanif it means I could make someone's day better.

Juan Arceo Abraham Lincoln. His abstract idea was responsibility. He was the president. He showed responsibility by being president of the United States. This reminds me of doland trump because he is very repsonsible and is our current president. They both will or have done a lot for our country.

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