Blue Plumeria Flower

I used a square cookie cutter to help me with proportions - here I cut 2 diagonals, leaving a rectangle of white (because I want blue and yellow petals - not green)
I place the cut triangles on my shape
Then I cut 2 squares of yellow I cut one in the diagonal and put the 2 together + half a square cut into 2 (hope it makes sense lol)
3 squares of blue - 1 cut in the diagonal and the 2 others put together
I used my acrilic roller to make my clay thinner - then into the pasta machine
when folding, I tried to keep my white rectangle white
Done with the skinner blend! I folded it (yellow on yellow and blue on blue) because it was too wide then put it again into the pasta machine till No. 6 (my thicker setting is 1 and the thinner is 9) to have a very long thin piece of clay
I rolled it, with yellow in the middle - As I hadn't enough blue to my taste, I added more
Then I cut it into 4 parts
Sorry for the very very blurry pic!! I squeezed each part
and put them side by side
Then squeezed them together again
shaped them into a long rectangle and cut it into 2 parts
Then squeezed the 2 together again!
then into 4 and squeeze again :)
I use my roller to make my petal cane even and reduce it
then I squeeze top and bottom
Like that
Then I rolled it a bit to make it rounder
I put a thin layer of white all around. Cane done!
For 1 flower: cut 5 petals
put then into a fan shape
With the ball tool press a little
and shape the flower
you can also make different shaped petal. Et voilà!
Created By
Frédérique Pittet

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