Double Victory Erick Chavez and Alya Truong

Similarity: Japanese and Mexican Americans were both seen as threats because of their differences.

Differences: Mexican Americans came to the U.S because of the Braceros Programs

Similarity: Both Japanese and Mexican Americans were discriminated due to their color.

Differences: Japanese were placed into interment camps during the WWII and were relocated to camps.

Similarity: Both Japanese and Mexican Americans were imprisoned in different ways.

Differences: Mexicans Americans were raped and beat to death because of the Zoot Suit Riots.

Similarity: Both Japanese and Mexican Americans helped serve in the war.

Mexican Americans: "We will not conform we will rebel."

Mexican Americans were treated horribly and were often brutally beaten, raped and imprisoned.

They retaliated against the treatment by expressing their emotions and thoughts through Zoot Suit Riots.

The Mexican Americans fought for the U.S and also provided food for the war during the WWII.

We believe that Mexican Americans were degraded and abused due to the fear that they were causing problems in the U.S.

Asian Americans: "We are not the enemy"

During the second war world the Japanese Americans were imprisoned and under supervision in the interment camps.

They responded by conforming to the imprisonment yet some did retaliate but there isn't a lot of evidence on that.

The Japanese were the reason why the U.S entered the war and because of that the Japanese Americans didn't really join in the war effort.

The U.S took action against the Japanese Community out of fear because of tension between the two countries.

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