The Pittsburgh Brewers Guild (PBG) and the Asheville Brewers Alliance (ABA) partnered to brew 476 Appalachian Pale Ale, the featured collaboration beer of Three Rivers Beer Week.

Here's everything you need to know about this special beer.


This 5.9% ABV pale ale reflects the collaborators shared passion for brewing sessionable beers that feature bold notes of citrus and fruits supported by a firm malt body. The Appalachian Pale Ale style is our interpretation of where East Coast and West Coast pale ales meet, right along that amazing trail that connects the Pittsburgh and Asheville regions.


The firm body of this beer is courtesy of a blend of malts from Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Our friends at CNC Malt, just north of Pittsburgh, and Riverbend Malt House, in Asheville, helped make this happen and we appreciate their support. And also a shout out to White Labs, which provided the yeast needed to amplify the juicy and citrusy Yakima Valley hops we selected and convert those malt sugars into what we know as beer. The water? Well, Pittsburgh's Three Rivers provide plenty of that, and we treated it just right to let the malt, hops and yeast shine.


The PBG and ABA formed a small brew team made up of members from both groups’ boards of directors. The beer was brewed at Eleventh Hour Brewing (big thanks!) in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood and released at the beginning of Three Rivers Beer Week.

“As we began planning for Three Rivers Beer Week we wanted to do something unique and fun...and also something that would reward the beer fans that have supported our local breweries over this very challenging period,” said Brian Eaton, chairman of the PBG and co-founder of Grist House Craft Brewery. “We have a collective respect for the high quality beer coming out of Asheville, so we reached out to the ABA with this idea of a region-to-region, Guild-to-Alliance collaboration and they were immediately on board.”
“We share the Appalachian region and a deep love of beer, so this collaboration seemed like a natural,” said Brandi Hillman, president of the ABA and co-owner of Hillman Beer.

Where to find it

476 Appalachian Pale Ale will be available at Three Rivers Beer Week: First Pour (Tues., Oct. 5 at The Pennsylvanian; tickets on sale Sept. 15) and at many of the Pittsburgh Brewers Guild member breweries (see breweries listed in italics below).

Pittsburgh Brewers Guild Members

These Allegheny County breweries are current members of the Pittsburgh Brewers Guild. Many plan to have 476 Appalachian Pale Ale available for sale at their breweries.

11th Hour Brewing412 BrewingAbjuration Brewing ● Acclamation ● Acrospire ● Allegheny City Brewing ● Arboretum Trail ● Aurochs Brewing Company ● Biers Pub/War Streets Brewery ● Brew Gentlemen ● BrewDog ● Church Brew Works ● Cinderlands ● Cobblehaus Brewing Company ● CoStar Brewing ● Couch Brewery ● Dancing GnomeEast End Brewing Company Grist House ● Headleys ● Helicon Brewing ● Hitchhiker Brewing ● Hofbrauhaus ● Hop Farm Brewing Company ● Inner Groove ● Insurrection AleWorks ● Leaning Cask BrewingLincoln Avenue Brewing Mastic Trail Brewing ● Mindful Brewing ● Necromancer ● Old Thunder Brewing ● Pennsylvania Brewing Company ● Pittsburgh Bottleshop & Brewhouse ● Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery ● Roundabout Brewery ● Southern Tier Brewing ● Spoonwood Brewing Company ● Spring Hill Brewing ● Strange RootsTrace Brewing Two FraysWar Streets