All About Cars By: Joe polser

Model T

First mass production car

Peel P50

Smallest production car

Hennessey Venom GT

Fastest production car, 270.49 mph

The First Car

The first car was the Canstatt Daimler which was invented in 1885. This is considered the first (although there were more before it), because it was the first proper gasoline internal combustion engine.

The Canstatt Daimler

Types of Transmissions

Cars all achieve a similar objective, but do it in many different ways. From automatic, to manual, to semi-automatic, to continuously variable transmission; there are many flavors for your taste. To understand all other transmissions you have to start with the manual.

Cars all achieve the same objective, but do it in many various ways. The transmission is a vital part in how a car moves. A manual transmission uses a clutch to take the engine out of gear and change it into another gear. Next comes the automatic transmission, this is just a manual that does not require a clutch. The engine still has different gears, but automatically switch between them. A continuously variable transmission is used in most recreational vehicles, such as golf carts, snow skis, and atvs.

The complex workings of a transmission

Mass Production

The Model T in one of its many configurations

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." Henry Ford

The Model T

Henry Ford's Model T was the first mass production car in the world. Just after 19 years of production the 15th and final millionth car rolled of the production line completing one of the greatest eras in American history.

Types of Cars

There are many types of cars. Including sports, luxury, economic, super, and more. Sports cars the most agile and speed balanced of them all, which sometimes include convertibles, and just fast vehicles over all. Luxury and economic are the complete opposite with luxury being top of the line and expensive, whilst economic is cheap and affordable. Super cars are the fastest, least economical, and most expensive. They are made to go fast and impress, nothing else.


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