A Walk to Remember Auothor: Nicholas sparks, by gelsey cruz

Summary: In the book, A Walk to Remember, Landon Carter was a careless and ruthless teenager. That was until, he met Jamie Sullivan, who is a very bright girl and would be considered the complete opposite of Landon. Jamie wore the same sweater everyday and didn't have much friends. Landon was forced to become student body president and he won but he needed a date to the school dance. Landon asked Jamie to the dance because the other girls he asked were busy that night. The duo started to hang out more often and Landon even participated in the school play with Jamie. However, the closest people they had to them did not agree with the relationship they had. Jamie's dad despised Landon, meanwhile, Landon's friends didn't care much for Jamie and they made a fool of her. They both continued with their relationship happily, that is until Landon finds out about a devastating secret that crushed both of their hearts. Landon was able to grant Jamie's in experiencing a miracle.

Personal Review: The novel, A Walk to Remember, is an outstanding book. The novel portrays how people can change for the better all for love. It also shows how two very different people can come together. To me, it is a very heart warming and loving story. However, the author includes a sad and heartbreaking twist at the end. The Fault in our Stars is sort of like A Walk to Remember, except it doesn't include a reckless boy. Any person that enjoys reading books about love and faith will adore this book.

Jamie's father was a church minister. Jamie was very religious and she always carried a Bible around.
Jamie always wore the same ugly sweater everyday.
Jamie and Landon get married at the same church her parents got married
love is what brought Landon and Jamie together and what kept them together
Jamie and Landon took part in the school play, 'The Christmas Angel'
Our love is like the wind... I cant see it, but I sure can feel it. -Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember

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