Mars Mission Plan leaving Home to The red planet

For years, humanity been dreaming to explore the place where our home was born in. Our goal is to have a successful landing on the red planet and a safe journey back home. We all ready made it to the moon successfully, know lets see if we can push humanity intelligence to the edge. When the time comes, the crew and the rocket will be launched at Cape Canaveral Air force located in Florida. When the crew lands on Mars surface safely they will have approximately 5 hours to spread out and cover as much surface as possible before a dust storm can reach them. The crew will get samples of sand or samples from the ground by drilling holes into the ground for information. The Phoenix is one of the fastest rocket that can take the astronauts to Mars in the shortest time, this rocket is no ordinary rocket . NASA built this rocket to take off and land so if something happens they can just send a rocket instead of building a new one that can take months or even years to build. This mission will last for 3 years for the next transfer orbit allowing the astronauts to go home.The supplies that are needed are food,water and enough oxygen to last the astronauts. Also, for shelter we will need to bring bubble homes that the astronauts can stay in, we will bring seeds,fertilized soil and water to grow crops there. "At first they will ask why you're doing it. Later they'll ask how you did it"-Foundr

August 23,2025 8:00 am- Florida

I never formally introduced myself , my name is Harper Lee. I gotta admit, it hasn't been the easiest ride for us. If we can find away to travel in the universe successful, do you know how many secrets about space would be unlocked? Ever since I was a little girl, my papa and I would lay in our hammock at night, staring at the night skies. One night my papa told me in a gentle voice,

"Promise me Harper, that you wont't forget us? We'll be waiting for you until the day you return "

A few years later my papa passed away from cancer, with a heavy heart I continued on with my passion for space.

August 24,2025 10:00 am Florida-

"Today is a busy day for the crew, today and this day on, the crew will be learning how to protect themselves and how to survive in space for a period time. If you follow me this way, the crew will be waiting in the zero gravity room".

We went through the long hallway, and took a sharp right, Dr.Lee stopped at a tall tubular cylinder. The sliver doors slid open welcoming us into the room, in the room there were there 2 people waiting in there dressed with special clothing.

"Cadets. If I can have your attestation please. I would like to introduce the newest member of the mission. This is Alisa also known as my niece, she will be taking part of the Mars mission we will treat her with kindness and respect."She walked over to a young man who looked like he was 6'4 with short black hair. She smiled and said,

" This is Jack Smits, he was a former pilot of the navy air-force he will be responsible to get all of you to Mars safely."

Jack nodded his head and smiled. He made his way to me to shake my hand.She walked over to an man who looked like he was in his early 30's, he had blonde short hair. He smiled at me and said in a strong Australian accent ,

" Hi Alisa. It's a pleasure to meet you, im Matt Buck I will be the co-pilot. Glad to have you on the team."

I just nodded my head and smiled, which quickly formed into a frown. I made my way toward the door,yanking Claudia out of the room with me. When we were out of the room, I released my grip on Aunt Harper's wrist which turned red, I remembered pacing back and fourth, mumbling things to myself as Claudia watched me from a corner until she broke the silence,

" Whats bothering you know?"

"I can't do this." I replied

"This has been your dream for years, why are you letting it go now?"

"It was never my dream... it was my papa's."

September 16,2027- Florida Today's the day, I looked at myself in the mirror and stared deeply into my eyes. I closed my eyes and frowned, I walked away from the mirror and grabbed the newly designed space suit which is way easier to put on than the other suit. I slipped on the outfit and got ready for the mission. Claudia will be leading the mission and I will be the scientist who does all the brainy work. Anyways I walked the room where the rocket was waiting for us.As I walked in, Jack, Matt and Claudia took no notice of me , instead they where just staring at the Phoenix. The rocket who's going to take us to the red planet somehow, this is no ordinary rocket inside it holds a machine that creates gravity that prevents us from bone loss. Also the inside of the rocket walls contains a foam sponge substance that will protect us from meteriods and any other obstacles.

"Well, good luck to all of us. I hope this mission is successful, as an team we wont turn our backs on each other. Lets say a prayer before we go. " Claudia exclaims.

All four of us gathered into a circle, holding each other hands in unison. Claudia started with,

"Dear humbly father, I bless you for letting us get this far into the mission. Please send the holy ghost to have our backs during these dangerous time . Let us have a safe flight to the red planet in a safe condition. Amen."

We opened our eyes and said amen in unison. We climbed aboard onto the Phoenix, we buckled ourselves up in the seats. It was the best times of our lives when one of the member's were counting down. I looked out of the window, saying good bye to our beloved Earth. I saw the tiny people watching the rocket eagerly to launch off. It was astonishing to be here in this moment waiting for this. The speaker came on and the count down started 5,4,3,2,1,0. I closed my eyes and turned my head towards Claudia, I felt her looking at me when she reached down to hold my hand. The rocket roared as the red flares lifted up against the Earth's surface. We flew high above the clouds and soon we were soaring pass Earth. It will take 35 days for this rocket to take us to get there. Days passed and soon it was the day we were entering Mars atmosphere.Jack mumbled,

"Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the Red planet."

It was beautiful and we didn't have any problems on the way there. In a way we were lucky, getting here. We found a place to land on the surface, we climbed out of the Phoenix and got to work. We sent up the bubble homes and placed the equipment inside the lab. In one of the bubble homes we placed down fertilized soil and place the seeds down. It took day to get water but under the surface we figured out a way to melt the left over water. A few weeks later we were astonished to see the plants sprouting. The others were out and about exploring the surface and the things that were on the planet since it was new for all of us. Its was going to be a difficult living on here for a few years but we can make it work. hopefully soon we can get this planet into a habitability planet for humans to live on. Humans will be proud of all of us, for achieving this dream.


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