Sanctuary Emma Johnston


1: First, I started by looking at reference photos of the Pink Palace. I liked the first photo because it showed the porch along with the stairs leading up to the second apartment. It also gave me a good idea of the dimensions that I would need to take into consideration. Then I wanted to figure out how wide I should make the sanctuary. The second photo gave me an idea of how wide the sanctuary would have to be in respect to the length.

2: After finding reference photos of the outside, I wanted to look at reference photos of the floor plan. To complete the floor plan I wanted, I used inspiration from four different photos. The photos turned out to be very small on here, but very blurry if blown up. But, these are the photos I used to help myself begin the floor plan. The two smaller photos I mainly used to see how I should design the floor plan so I could do the wrap around porch.

I noticed that there were slight differences between all four of the photos. I decided to take inspiration from all four and then put my own spin on it.

3: To begin making the interior, I used inspiration from different clips throughout the movie. Although, I found it to be more fun to take inspiration instead of directly copy.

4: When it came time to do Miss Forcible and Miss Spink's house, I mostly had to take inspiration from the movie because there was no photos of the interior of their house online.

5: When it came to Mr Bobinky's house, I was sort of lost. In the Real World, they never showed the interior so I just left the inside empty. Although, this was a thought out decision. I started thinking about how he was only seen with rats, so I assumed he didn't have much in the interior. So I figured that I would leave the inside with just walls and that is it because I think it also symbolized him being crazy.

6: Once I finished the interior of the Pink Palace, I began to make the portal into the Nether World. This part was very difficult. Through out the entire build, I was trying to make the sanctuary as realistic as possible. When Coraline goes to the Mirror World she crawls towards it. Being in Minecraft, you cannot crawl. I had to make it so you could walk to the portal, but I also wanted it to look realistic. I decided to make stairs leading down towards it.

7: When it came time to build the Other Pink Palace, I decided that I did not want to make a replica of the one from the movie. The one from the movie did not look any different from the one in the Real World. Since the Pink Palace took so long to build, I wanted to make my own palace and call it the Black Palace. I made the inside with the movie in mind, but took my own spin on it.

8: For Mr Bobinky's house in the Other World, I decided to make it carnival themed. This turned out to be very difficult because there wasn't much I could do with the space, and there wasn't much I could build that would replicate the carnival.

9: For Miss Spink and Miss Forcible's house, I decided to just make a theatre.

REflection on build:

Overall, I took a lot of inspiration from the images I found online, along with the movie itself. The sanctuary is not an exact replica, but it took elements that I really liked from the references and did my own take from it.

Making the video:

To make the video, I used the Quick Time screen recording of me walking through the house. After doing the full house tour of the Pink Palace and the Black Palace, I exported it to iMovie. I had tried to do the editing in premier, but I was very familiar with iMovie and knew I could make the best outcome from that.

After I edited the clips and made the transitions more smooth, I wanted to add sound. To do this, I found free clips off of Youtube Audio Library. I used three different songs that I found. One was a creepy piano tune, the other sounded like a demon screaming, and the last sounded like a tune that would be played on a scary movie.

Once I added all of the tracks, I wanted to lay tracks on top of each other to make it sound really cool. I really love the outcome, and everyone I showed it to said that the audio made the video more interesting. The video turned out cool, but the audio made it seem much more interesting. I wanted to make the video scary, and it turned out very well through the audio.


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