Outcasts United Epilouge

Epilogue: a section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened

--"epi" means towards or after

--"louge" means to correspond

In the epilouge, St. John skips foward two years in Fall 2006.

It starts out with Hassan (Luma's father), sitting in the dining room of Luma's house.

"I hate to remember how she felt being alone in the united states, it was more difficult for me, but it was more difficult for her." (St. john 291)

To make Luma forgive Hassan, he offered her his money to go buy clothes.

Luma insisted that he instead, bought school supplies for the Fugees.

"If you want to spend your money, come with me." (St. John 292)


We also find out that Paula's husband had not been injured in the riot at Malala.

He had actually left the Congo, and will soon meet up with his family again in the U.S.


Mandela and Luma eventually made up, and Mandela applied for Jobs Corps.

Job Corps--a U.S. government training program, that offers vocational training to people, between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four.

Mandela applied, and would eventually move out of Clarkston to Kentucky.

In November 2008, Mandela received his high school diploma, while studying construction.


Shamsoun, Natnael, and Yousph were all accepted at Pheiffer University, which was a liberal arts college in North Carolina.

Shamsoun was the only one among the three to receive a scholarship for soccer. He had been working with a pastor to raise funds to build a school for the Moro children in the Nuba Mountains.

Shahir Anwiar

Anwar didn't move far from Clarkston, as he attended Paideia School, which was a private school in the suburban Atlanta.

More refugees started coming to Clarkston, and more of them became taking advantage of Luma's tutoring sessions. Children's grades have improved, and more of them began speaking fluent English within months.

We learn that many of the refugees who had lived in Clarkston later moved to various other locations to join family or friends or to seek a better life.

Obviously, it hurt Luma a little bit because of all the connections and relationships she had made with most of the families.

Des Moines, Iowa

Liberian Association of Iowa: The Liberians moved from Clarkston to Iowa, and established the Liberian Association of Iowa.

Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska: The Sudanese moved from Clarkston, and established a community in Omaha. They also established neighboring communities in Lincoln as well.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota: The Somalis moved from Clarkston to Minneapolis to start new communities and careers.

The Liberians began migrating to Iowa. The Somalis to Minneapolis, and the Sudanese to Omaha, to seek support of their communities.

In the summer of 2007, Beatrice and Jeremiah moved to Iowa for a job she had encountered earlier in her year.


Generose, moved from Clarkston to Fort Wayne, Indiana. She left with her three boys, Alex, Bienvenue, and Ive. She thought as if Fort Wayne, was quieter and safer than Atlanta.


Kanue Biah, tried out for the Silverbacks, which was the Atlanta soccer club, and made the team.

"the minute some kid leaves our team you have five more kids who want to take his place." (st. john 295)

As for a Clarkston, the town continually changed to adapt to their new setting.

Craig Perkins, a National Guardsman, got into a fight with two Middle Eastern men in the parking lot of Kristopher Woods apartment complex. The two men insulted Perkins for being in the military.

In the fall of 2008, a few days before Thanksgiving, one of Luma's former soccer players were playing with a gun. The gun discharged and killed seventeen-year-old Burundian refugee Gerali Kagwa.

During the time when St. John was writing this book, The New York Times, offered him a three-page front cover about his journey with the Fugees.

In it he wrote about Mayor Swaney's soccer ban in the town park. The citizens of the United States were furious and outraged, and the mayor received very negative phone calls.

"Mayor swaney was deluged with angry phone calls and emails from times readers who were appalled that he had kicked the fugees out of the town park after christmas." (st. john 297)

As Mayor Swaney continue to babble, the City of Clarkston took up this issue once again, and the Fugees gained their right to use the field for the spring.

The article in the newspaper changed things for the Fugees. Donations were made, and Luma made enough profits to cut the YMCA off, and afford a bus for the children.

Nike stepped in and offered brand new soccer uniforms and soccer equipments for Luma and the Fugees.

With the profits donated, Luma was able to hire two teachers for her tutoring services at Fugee Academy.

In the fall of 2008, Luma coached four teams from ages twelve to nineteen. A new team was formed called the Under 14s team. Robin, who was once quiet and shy was now running the defense with confidence and authority calling out to his teammates withunaccented English.

"beautiful! beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!" (st. john 300)

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