Sixty Second Skills Quick tips and tricks

Sixty Second Skills

Don’t have time to develop your skills, book that course or read those how to guides you picked up months ago?!

Don’t worry, we have just the thing for you…Sixty Second Skills.

Sixty Second Skills has been created to share and promote short, snappy tips and tricks to support teaching, learning and staff development.

Each video is provided by colleagues from across the University and covers topics from Academic Advising, Digital Literacy and Research Management Skills to Recruitment and tips for Supporting Students, plus many more. Our Sixty Second Skills can be viewed straight from your inbox when you sign up for our regular updates…or follow us on Twitter and access our searchable post online at Sixty Second Skills.wordpress.com.

We have a prize waiting for the 60th person to sign up...so don't wait...it only takes a minute..sign up today.


Photo by timothy muza on Unsplash

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