FUN and Simple Life Hacks you need to know! Can I make your life easier?

1. Need a place to put your keys?

Use a tennis ball!

For this project you will need a tennis ball, a sharp cutting knife, and a hot glue gun. First, cut a long seam that goes through the front of the ball so something can fit in it. Then hot glue it to the wall and you are done! This is a fun and creative way to spice up your walls! You can also use this to hang towels and pens.

2. For all the clumsy people out there

Do you ever pour your milk into a bowl and get milk flying out? Well if so an easy solution is to take a spoon and face the back of it to the milk fall and watch you milk fall straight into your bowl!

3. Solving the mystery of Sticky Fingers

For this hack all you need is a popsicle and a cupcake liner. Just put your cupcake liner through the popsicle stick and voila!

4. Keep you tall boots from falling over?

For this hack just use pool noodles! All you do is add a pool noodle into each boot too keep it from falling over when you aren't wearing them
You can make it into a watering can by poking holes on the top!


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