The Hebrews The lifestyle of the hebrews

The majority of Hebrews who travelled regularly were most likely living in a tent that was extremely worn down with bad quality. They had lived in a complex environment/atmosphere and they had suffered poverty. Because they suffered poverty they were not able to afford better shelter, crops or more land. But on the other hand the people who lived with normality lived in a small, simple house that was most likely would have been made out of rather mud, lath or plaster. All houses did not possess much room only consisting of one decently major room throughout the entire household! The house also did not have sensational, intricate roof designs for it was flat not actually having much gathered space.

As previously stated the Hebrews ahomes were very bad quality the floor and base of the houses being made out of mud. There was a very diminutive amount of light that was let in only a few windows hat were quite small placed throughout the wrecked shelter they called home. The room that would be filled with darkness was only lit a night by weak, oily lamps that would only let out a small glisten of light.

There was very little furniture that was actually provided for even an entire family. The majority of the found furniture was actually constructed by those who actually lived in that small house and at many times it would break and crumble into pieces.

As most of you should know from not from what I have informed you so far The Hebrews were not as fortunate as we are these days. The Hebrews only were able to have two meals not eating much throughout the day either. During the morning it would be a very light breakfast which could have been some bread, fruit or even just a few slices of cheese. At night time or evening it would be dinner which would be more of a bigger meal but not as substantial as the meals we have today. They were given miniature pieces of meat or vegetables along with some wine. Most of the cooking was actually done by the women who would most likely be baking with the very limited equipment they had. The smoke would actually have to go through the walls or roof because they did not have a roof for it to come out of.

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