Terry the Turtle by Dylan Lam

There once was a turtle named Terry
Terry had many friends who were good at many things
Gina the giraffe was good at reaching
Henry the horse was very fast
and Edward the elephant was very strong.
One day day Terry went to the pond, but he accidentally feel in.
he soon learned that he was a good swimmer
and he finally was happy and grew up to be a professional swimmer.

the end


Created with images by peteoshea - "Turtle" • Pexels - "animal bubble cute" • 53084 - "turtle animals water creature" • exfordy - "Giraffe" • willg willg.photography - "horses" • laurentmarx - "elephant safari animal" • vastateparksstaff - "painted turtle mom" • Pexels - "underwater turtle sea turtle" • Pexels - "carapace marine turtle ocean"

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