Who got away with the murder of JonBenét ? unsolved for 20 years

What / when / how did this happen ?


  • her body was found strangled in the wine cellar of her house
  • Boulder, Colorado, on Dec. 26, 1996
  • There was a ransom note that was long and had specific directions
  • hysterical 911 phone call from JonBenet’s mom, Patsy, at 5:52 a.m., the day after Christmas.
  • JonBenet was 6 when she died
Ransom note left the Ramsey's house

did JonBenét's brother (Burke Ramsey)murder his sister, then his parents covered it up?

Theory #1

Burke Ramsey (brother) and JonBenét
  • The ramsom note wanted the exact amount of John Ramsey's yearly Christmas bonus
  • The note written with Patsy Ramsey's Sharpie pen and tablet
  • Only her fingerprints were found on both items
  • Marks on her lower back were thought to have been taser marks
  • Then found to be the exact size of one of Burke's train track connectors
  • Never any footprints discovered outside the home
  • Patsy and John did not cooperate with the police
  • Burke had a history of anger issues
  • Patsys sample written with the left hand matches
“A phrase used, ‘And hence’, leapt out at me,” she said. “I had received a Christmas newsletter from the family and the phrase was used in that too. It seemed like not something people generally say.”

said Judith Phillips, a family friend

Why I think Burke Ramsey murdered JonBenet

  • viewers say he was grinning while discussing his ­sister’s death with psychologist Dr. Phil
  • Burke had hit his sister with a golf club a year before her murder that left her with a scar on her cheek
  • Burke had anger issues
  • Burke was 9 when his sister was murdered

About the polygraph exams done on both John and Pasty

In May 2000,Patsy and John passed a polygraph test (lie detector). Three test were done on Patsy and two test were done on John. They were both asked whether they killed JonBenet or if they knew the killer. Patsy was asked if she wrote the ransom note. Patsy was asked if she wrote the ransom note. Patsy is asked if they took a private polygraph and invokes lawyer-client privilege. Then John changes the subject. Obviously they had already been given polygraph exams. They would simply have denied it if they did not. The tests are 97-98 percent accurate. John was ruled out as the writer of the note.

Patsy was asked these questions :

“ Did you write the ransom note that was found in your house?”

“ Regarding the ransom note, did you write it?”

“ Is that your handwriting on the ransom note found in your house?”

“Do you know for sure who killed JonBenet?”

“ Are you concealing the identity of the person who killed JonBenet?”

“ Did you inflict any of the injuries that caused the death of JonBenet?”

“Were those injuries that resulted in JonBenet's death inflicted by you?”

John was ruled out as the writer of the note


I believe that Burke Ramsey murdered JonBenet because of his anger issues. Also Burke Ramsey sued CBS for $750 million because they wrote two articles claiming he killed his sister.


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