Gender inequality Concerning bathroom use

All over the U.S. there is a problem arising regarding bathroom use. People identifying as the opposite sex are fighting for the right to bathroom freedoms.

For someone identifying as the opposite sex it is incredibly uncomfortable to go into a bathroom with people of the opposite sex.

People deserve the right to have a comfortable experience in the bathroom with people of the same sex. Weather that is their sex at birth or by identification.

Yet many people are concerned of the potential dangers of allowing people of the opposite sex to be allowed in a private place with children.

Parents are scared of the potential dangers of pedophilia in bathrooms when allowing people of the opposite in the restroom with their kids.

CBS announces that, "California's education system has allowed students to use the bathroom of their choice." (Todd Hunt)

While in Arizona a church claimed to sue over “punishing laws to religious beliefs”. (Washington Post) They claimed the laws allowing bathroom freedoms were unethical.

In another state where laws enforce people to use the bathroom of their corresponding sex, a student in Gloucester County Sued over sexual discrimination. This student was given permission to use the bathroom of their choose by the court.

According to the National board of education, Title IX prohibits sex discrimination at schools, which allows students to use the bathroom of their choice.

Jillian Weiss with the school system wants to create a third transgender bathroom. She believes that the best way to alieve issues with transgender students is isolating them.

This directly relates to the occurrences written about in Frankenstein. In this Novel by Mary Shelley we see the effects of isolating uncommon figures in society.

The negative effects on Frankenstein's monster when he was isolated from society should be taken account for in our decisions today. This is important when finding a solution to transgender bathroom use.

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