The Holocaust and Camps Ceren Şengün

The Holocaust is the name given to Jewish genocide.


Nazis believed that the Germans were the superior race, and they could rule the world. They supported the idea of Jews, Gypsies and many other races being inferior. They also did not like communists, socialists because they didn't support democracy.

Adolf Hitler was their leader.

When Hitler was chosen as the Chancellor, the gangs "SS" and "SA" were recruited for collecting people who might criticize the Nazis.

They were designed to detain and exterminate mostly Jews, and also communists, socialists, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals and gypsies.

There were four types of camps:

  • Concentration Camps
  • Transit Camps
  • Work Camps
  • Extermination Camps


Concentration Camps were the ones that the prisoners were kept in inhuman and harsh conditions. The prisoners were also used for extremely hard work that usually caused death.

Transit Camps were used to get the people together and store them before they were sent to Concentration Camps. These Camps were the ones that the prisoners were temporarily kept.

Work Camps had people to work harshly. The workers were kept in terrible conditions.

Extermination Camps killed people in the most inhuman, savage and cruel way. For example, they told the prisoners they were going to take a shower, which eventually killed them because instead of water, the showers poured poisonous gas.

The organization inside the camp included:

  • The camp commandant,
  • The security police,
  • The commander of the detention facilities,
  • Guards,
  • Administration and accounting staff
  • A hospital

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