how to buy local food during quarantine MUSC Sustainability & Recycling

Not only is local food more sustainable, but buying local food now is vital to support small, local producers during these uncertain times. Without the usual demand from restaurants, small producers will need extra support from the community to stay afloat.


Local Producers / cSA programs

What is a CSA? Community-supported agriculture, commonly referred to as a CSA model, is a system that connects the producer and consumers within the food system more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm or group of farms.


Meat, Dairy, and Fish

Other Local Pick-Up Locations

Local farmers' and producers' products are also available for pick-up at various business locations around town. Contact each business to find out what is currently available.


Created with images by Jordan Christian - "An evening stroll through Thursday Market in Spokane showed some colorful, perfectly ripe fruit - here’s just a taste!" • Thomas Le - "untitled image" • Dan Meyers - "This shot makes me thirsty! I love how this shot turned out. I was about 10 meters above the ground with my Mavic Pro. This is a small winery in the mid-Willamette Valley outside Salem, Oregon. This is one of the biggest wine-producing areas in the country and it makes for some wonderful evening drone flights. " The final image is used with permission from The Glass Onion's Instagram feed.