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As an avid makeup enthusiast I am always on the hunt for the next great product but being a student and not a beauty blogger I don't get any press packages sent to my home for free and I don't get massive discounts afforded to me, I simply shop smart. By learning the tricks to shopping in the beauty industry I have over the years learned more and more about the beauty industry as a whole while building a collection i can not only say I am proud of and love but a collection that I can say I worked hard for and paid for on my own. If you want to learn a few of my tricks keep on reading.


When shopping in larger name brand stores the first thing you should do is sign up for both their points/rewards systems as well as their email/text updates. These retailers rewards frequent shoppers with more opportunities to save money in the hopes that they will keep coming back to their stores. Ulta has a point system where for every dollar pent you receive a point and as these points build up you can use these collected points to use as money towards other purchases. Ulta often does days when certain products or brands are worth between 2x-5x the amount of points therefore earning you money back much faster and without spending as much money to earn the points. It is important to keep a lookout for these brands and restock on items you know you use during this time even if your not necessarily out just yet but that you know you will repurchase at some point. Ulta also often does months called their 21 days of beauty where each day different items are drastically on sale from their normal price tags. When you sign up for ultas physical snail mail list you will get a monthly catalog and when the 21 days of beauty are about to begin this will line out the bigger deals but there will also be lots of smaller deals put out that you can access either online that day or in store. The important part is to keep updating yourself on the current sales as often as you can. Ulta also has a large drugstore/affordable makeup selection that is often either on sale or but one get one 50% off. However be careful and always check prices of drugstore makeup against actual drugstores (Wallmarts and Krogers usually are the cheapest) because some brands such as physicians formula can sometimes bee $1-$3 higher at ulta however they do carry much larger brand lines including products you may not find anywhere else such as the NYX pigments and the Eyelure faux mink lashes. Also if by the off chance you don't like the products Ulta has a 30 day return policy with the receipt. Ulta also has a massive Black Friday sale that is always buys so get there early; Sephora however does not do sales except for 2 times per year. They do have a sale page on their website and if you check it often you can sometimes find a few good deals. Sephoras point system is also not as budget friendly as ultas but i still recommend signing up so that you can be a part of sales when they do happen as well as insider events, special releases, and deluxe samples that you can get with your points as well as a birthday present each year. Sephora does however have an amazing return policy where you can basically return it whenever/however and stil get your money back so that if you are ever unsatisfied with the product you can get back your money so that you are only investing in products that you truly love and want to use/buy again.


When shopping at the drugstore you are already not spending large amounts of money but here are a few ways to save even more. First before you even go to the store go directly to the brands website and sign up for their email list where they will send updates on products/releases but they also send coupons either bi-weekly or tri-weekly. Then as soon as you walk into the store grab the weekly add, this will not only show you the sales for the week but often also carry coupons that can be added to manufacturer coupons for double the money off of a product. Also be sure to sign up for store cards at places like Kroger/Wallgreens/Target and CVS; these stores often have specific discounts for carriers of these reward/loyalty cards and your coupons can be combined with this discount to get an even better discount.


The biggest beauty platform now is YouTube and often times in order to get you to buy products they attach coupon codes to all of your favorite YouTubers. These codes work in your favor not only saving on big brands such as Morphe and Cover FX but tons of smaller great indie brands. Here is my current list of coupon codes.

  • Sigma- laurasigma (10% off total order)
  • whitening lightning- Lee25 (25% off total order)
  • Gerard Cosmetics- Lee25 (25% off total order)
  • OFRA- Belle30 (30% off site wide)
  • Velour Lashes- BelleJorden (15% off sitewide)
  • Jouer Cosmetics- Lauralee30 (30% site wide)
  • Artis Couture- lauralee (15% off)
  • laura lee X violet voss palette- laura lee (10% off)
  • loving tan- casey (free gift)
  • lit glitter- shaaanxo (20% off site wide)
  • lauras boutique clothing- kimthai
  • moubounsom lashes- james (20% off order)
  • star crushed minerals- james (50% off order)
  • lilly lashes- nikkie
  • Morphe- Nikkie or jacattack
  • bellami hair extensions- jaclyn
  • bellami hot tools 6 in 1 iron- jaclyn160 ($160 off)
  • vanity planet- kim70 (70% off pro brush collection)
  • Jeffree Star X MannyMua collection- mannymua (10% off individuals)
  • ardency inn- mannymua
  • black magic lashes- aycarter

Thank you so much for reading about how i save money on beauty products; I truly hope it will be helpful to you. The biggest advice i can always give when beauty shopping is keep informed on prices/sales, never pay full price if you don't have to, sign up for any newsletters, and get/wear what makes you happy.

Thank you for reading if you have questions please post in wither beauty by kylie on facebook or feel free to message the same page!

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