Within the Conaty Indoor Athletic Center’s 80,000 square feet is a state-of-the-art turf field with a full 120 yards of turf. Bryant is one of New England’s only DI school offering such exceptional indoor facilities. This best-in-class facility enables members of the Bulldog men’s and women’s lacrosse, golf, football, baseball, softball, soccer, and field hockey teams to prepare for each season without delay, even during the harshest weather.

Thirty-eight-feet tall at its peak, the Center includes four full batting cages, a 120-yard football field (including end zones), viewing platforms overlooking the field, driving mats for golf practice, and a baseball clubhouse with lockers and meeting/team areas. The roof was designed for future accommodation of solar panels.

The Conaty Indoor Athletic Center has allowed Bryant men's and women's lacrosse to play regular season games indoors.

The Conaty Baseball Clubhouse is also located in the Conaty Indoor Athletic Center.

The Conaty Baseball Clubhouse features 40 lockers for the players that include storage for equipment and a locked area of personal items. The new room also includes couch seating, surround sound, a flat screen TV for entertainment and learning, six shower stalls, a bathroom, a full coaches locker room and a storage area.

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