Kristiansand is a small port located on the southern tip of Norway. The town's Viking past can be traced in the rune stones at the Oddernes Church, built in 1040 and dedicated to St. Olaf, patron saint of Norway. We did a coach tour of the town with several stops including the Oddernes Church, but the church was closed so we didn't see the ancient rune stones. We left the tour at the market square and decided to walk back to the ship. We strolled through the bustling Fiskebrygga Quay where the local fisherman sell the daily catch.

Oddernes Church and Grounds

Our terrific tour guide in Kristiansand.

Market Square and Cathedral

McDonald's Corinthian columns instead of golden arches.

Fiskebrygga Quay and Waterfront

Reflection of the Viking Sky in the windows of the Kilden Performing Arts Center.
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Rick Wetmore

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