Nevins' Vow Renewal Aria Event Design


To start off, We'll hang a few chandeliers from the trees. This will serve as a decorative piece and will also give us more light for the event.


Next, we'll use string lights similar to these over the pool.


We'll also add these light orbs to the pool to give you more light.


And, we'll also have a few of these 6 foot tall candelabras around the event with candles. This will add more light and also add a few focal points to the event.

I hope you see a theme, here. I want to make sure you have enough light for your event, but not so much that it loses the romantic feel.

Tables & Chairs

We'll have the silver & white tablecloths pictured on the cocktail tables. Each 36 inch table will have 2-3 silver Chivari Chairs.


This is an example of the flowers and color scheme that will be used for all the floral arrangements for your event, which will include small centerpieces at each table, a few medium & large arrangements for decoration around the party, the staircase garland, and they will also be used to decorate the wedding arch.

Wedding Arch

This is an example of the wedding arch we'll have. There will be flowers placed on the top of the pergola. We'll also add a few string lights.


Your Dancefloor will be 12x16 feet and glossy white. It should fit you and all of your guests comfortably.


And, finally, we'll have an 8x8 foot stage similar to this one for your musical entertainment.

That's what we have planned!

What do you think?

Please let me know if you'd like to add, change or remove anything. I want to make sure you LOVE every aspect of your event.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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