Quarantine Saviors By Ava Muharem

The end of March 2020 brought significant changes for millions of people across the country. The Coronavirus swept through the nation, causing everyone to lock their doors for months. It was the perfect time for individuals to find their "thing." The thing that distracted them. The thing that made their days better.

Luke Verrelli-

"My dog Lola helped me the most to get me through quarantine. She is a 10-year-old yellow lab and we've had her since she was born. I hung out with her every single day. I was able to go on a lot of walks with her. I didn't have time to do that during school. She was also overweight, so we went on walks to help her get her exercise in. Taking Lola outside also gave me a reason to spend more time outdoors. We watched TV together and were just always around each other. Spending time with Lola gave me something to do. Without her, quarantine would have been a lot more uneventful."

Gabriella Costa-

"The person who got me through quarantine was my cousin, Julia Diaz. We were able to communicate through FaceTime because both of our families were in strict quarantine. I talked to her every other day for about an hour, but just being able to talk to someone outside of the people in my house was so important. I have a lot of little siblings that would not stop talking, so talking to Julia was kind of an escape. Communicating with her was so normal that it distracted me from all the bad stuff going on. Quarantine was so boring, but simply talking to Julia made it so much better. We were finally able to see each other in June as long as we both stayed outside."

Kian Sirowich-

"Quarantine significantly changed for me because I had my best friend, Tyler Lato, to get me though it. In the beginning when quarantine was very strict, we mainly were only able to communicate using technology. However as rules started to get less strict, we were able to go fishing 2-3 times a week at state parks, the Naugatuck River, and local ponds. Whatever we caught we put back, but it was still so fun to be together and talk about whatever we wanted. One time we were fishing for so long, by the time we were done it was so dark that we got lost and had to call the police to come find us. Fishing allowed me to be with my friend without having to see him through a phone."

Hailey Cronk-

"The person who got me through quarantine was my twelve year old brother, Hunter. I was able to talk to him everyday about everything, from school to what we wanted to do that day. I have a really good relationship with Hunter and quarantine brought us even closer. Since Hunter was in my direct family, I was able to see him in person at all times. With all the free time we had, we learned how to cook and made up new games to play with each other. If I didn't have my brother during quarantine it would have been so boring and definitely not as memorable."

Nate Bodnar-

"Playing football got me through quarantine. While following Corona guidelines, my teammates and I went up to the field 3 to 4 times a week to work out for hours and practice running routes. The COVID-19 circumstances prevented us from going out, so playing football gave us something to do. Most of our practices took place on our game field. Being able to get out of the house once a day and spending time with my closest friends was super important. Doing what I loved helped a lot during that time because of the constant boredom each day brought. It was able to somewhat distract us from all the terrible things going on."

Kyla Berhle-

"Juliana Rubino got me through quarantine. I have known Jules for 4 years. During quarantine, we talked everyday by using FaceTime, Snapchat, and texting. She is my best friend and I know that I can always count on her. During the end of May, we hung out as often as we could, while following corona guidelines. We went to the beach a lot, since it was easy to social distance from other people there and we could spend time outdoors. Without Jules, quarantine would have been so much more boring and I wouldn't have had someone to talk to every single day."

Jayden Tomasella-

"For me, quarantine was better because I spent most of my time lifting. Quarantine gave me so much extra time that I wanted to use to get stronger and prepare for baseball season. I would often lift up to 5 times a week, 2 times a day, and switched up my workout every time. I knew that if I looked good, then I could feel good too. The progress that I made over quarantine was so rewarding to me. Lifting soon became a part of my everyday routine and it stayed with me into September as well. In addition to helping me get stronger, lifting was a great distraction from the awful news about the Coronavirus and I am so grateful for that.

Ava Delucia-

"The one person that got me through quarantine was my friend, Taylor Muharem. I have known her since preschool. Due to the strict quarantine rules, we mainly communicated through text and FaceTime calls. However, by the end of April, we were slowly allowed to see each other again. Most of the time we would simply meet up at Dunkin and sit in the car together or we would tan in her driveway 6 feet apart from each other. Without Taylor, quarantine would have been so lonely. She was the person who always made me laugh and feel better when I was down. Being apart only made us realize how real our friendship is and how important it is to be together."