Jack the Ripper and his crimes

Jack the Ripper was a killer of the late 1800's he killed 5 women all known for prostitution. his killing weren't just to kill it was for pure satisfaction. His killings were brutal and were meant to humiliate the victim. He gutted and then kept parts of the victim or to store for later use. One of the most scariest things that and officer had to deal with is the letter that Jack left for the police that started with the phrase "From the Fires of Hell" the police also had found a kidney that was taken from on of the victims and took it in for evidence.

Jacks crimes rook place on August 7, 1888 to September 10, 1888. His crimes weren't singly named.

  • Most of his crimes took place in WhiteChapel London, England.
  • He left notes to the police at every scene.
  • He took organs from his victims.
  • Jack always went to slit the throat first the butcher the rest.
  • He killed 5 women from August 7, 1888 - September 10, 1888.
  • Jack is London's most famous killer.
  • There have been over 100 suspects but none have been the correct one.
  • Jack the Ripper has never been caught to this day.

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