Core SWX’s patented VoltBridge Platform is a series of wireless functions, comprised of monitoring, battery charging management, and battery vitals access, leveraging the intelligence of Core’s battery packs. The technology is infused in all our V-mount and 3-Stud battery packs, and accessed through various monitoring mount plate offerings, and Voltbridge enabled chargers, when coupled with our free VoltBridge App.

VoltBridge’s battery monitoring platform utilizes a Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) UART to transmit smart battery data to iOS/Android devices, allowing the user to monitor and set low battery warnings, via push notifications, on up to 25 devices per tablet/smart phone.

The BLE is installed in the battery mount plates of leading manufacturers' production equipment. Simply connect a battery pack into a VoltBridge enabled camera, monitor light, or any battery powered piece of equipment, and open the VoltBridge app. Once in the app, Scan for the Device, connect, and it pops up right on your production equipment list. From there you can rename it if you choose.

Depending on the sophistication of the battery pack, the VoltBridge BLE will provide you with at minimum the battery voltage levels. Some leading brands battery packs will present Percentage and in all Core packs, hours and minutes which correlate with the Hypercore's runtime display will display in the app. VoltBridge allows you to set 3 unique warning levels of your choosing based on voltage, percentage, or runtime. Once you set those levels, VoltBridge provides push notifications when you hit those levels to warn you of a low battery.

The Voltbridge Fleet battery management platform is a system of autonomous battery chargers controlled by the Voltbridge App, available for iOS and Android, allowing a single user to oversee tens of professional video battery chargers and hundreds of battery packs.

The battery management system will help reduce the risk of potential Li-Ion battery related issues, by allowing the user to quickly determine and designate the packs which may be of concern.

By being able sort through hundreds of connected battery packs’ smart data vitals, the user can determine the packs with diminished service life quickly, providing an opportunity to test and evaluate the packs through the system.

The system also allows to remotely initiate Core SWX’s SafeFly mode, which discharges the packs to under 30% charge capacity, the current Lithium Ion threshold for safe transport according to the FAA and IATA.

The system is driven by the Fleet Micro Q and Fleet Q “i” series of chargers which continue to be the most advanced in the industry, now with the inclusion of the Voltbridge Wireless Charger Fleet management. The chargers offer a complete battery management system for your battery “Fleet.” The Micro model includes an on-board LCD to monitor the battery packs’ smart battery data. Besides being the fastest battery chargers in the industry today (four 98wh packs in under 2 1/2hrs.), the chargers offers a TEST mode to determine battery health and recharge performance.

VoltBridgeiD allows you to quickly check your battery pack’s vitals using the VoltBridge App. Imbedded in each battery pack is an NFC(near field communication) chip. Similar to mobile pay apps, touch the back of your smartphone to the front label of the battery pack, and instantly all your battery packs information is retrieved and displayed in the VoltBridge App.

On the airport security line? Quickly show the security agent the capacity (in Watt hours and Milliamp hours) as well as current charge state in seconds. An airplane icon also displays on the data screen when the battery pack is in compliance with IATA and FAA regulations.

In addition to Core‘s battery packs’ read-only information, there are two editable, password protected fields on the NFC chip to use as an asset tag feature. You can input ownership information as well as a web address as a “calling card” should your pack get lost or stolen. Should the pack make its way to Core SWX for service, we will review the data to assure proper ownership.

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