Jake Hicks 7th perioD

This experiment is to test to see if the moon affects animal feeding time. The hypothesis is that if there is a full moon animals should be more active then if there is a half moon or smaller.
This experiment was done like this. There was a person with a stop watch set up by a field where squirrels feed. The person will be there at the animal feeding time of the day. At the middle of the animal feeding time he or she will set the stop watch for 30 minutes and count how many squirrels come and go. This will be done on a moon that is more than half and a moon that is less.
Results for half moon or less Start time Number of squirrels End time 2/18/17 4:00 3 2/18/17 4:30 2/19/17 4:00 6 2/19/17 4:30 Results for full moon or more Start time Number of squirrels End time 2/25/17 4:00 12 2/25/17 4:30 2/26/17 4:00 9 2/25/17 4:30
This experiment was a success. The hypothesis was proven and much was learn. In a time period of 30 minutes three squirrels were recorded and on day two there was six squirrels recorded. This was when the moon was half or fess then full. When there was a full moon twelve squirrels were recorded in a 30 minute time period and on day two there was nine squirrels recorded.


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