How we express ourselves by brad pagdiwala


An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Week 1 PYP Exhibition

Week 2 PYP Exhibition

We had to chose 3 topics of our interest so we can do those for the PYP exhibition and if one was not possible we can do the other one. I chose Music because I love to play and practice the guitar and piano which is music, Drama because I like fooling around by acting and Coding on the laptop because I find it interesting and knowledgable.

Week 3 PYP Exibition

We went for a mentor meeting and Mr Cabral said that the information was good but we could still make it better. He also gave us some ways to present our work and tips on the UOI board.

Week 4 PYP Exhibition


Acquisition of Knowledge: I developed my own ideas about the timeline of music and performances of playing the music. I also developed my own idea about the different songs in the performance and the perspectives.

Comprehension: I understood the main ideas when learning about the different perspectives of music and the genres. I also understood the central idea and lines of inquiry very well.

Application: I explored different options when I had problems to solve and time management. I also explored the different options of how to present my research and with what materials.

Analysis: I identified relevant and irrelevant information about music and the history of it and the facts about the different genres and when they were invented. also by whom.


Listening: I listened to and followed difficult instructions when I had to practice the music for the first line of inquiry which is evolution of music.

Speaking: I expressed my ideas clearly, thoughtfully and logically when I needed to figure out the central idea and lines of inquiry.

Reading: I could answer questions based on what I read and I made connections between information I read.

Writing: I recorded information and observations in different ways when I needed to research about different genres of music and when they were made.

Non Verbal Communication: I used note taking for the research and the mentor meetings guided by mister Cabral.

Week 5 PYP Exhibition

Last week I feel that I was a thinker because I got the Idea of adding a few more songs in the play that we have composed. Also I was a thinker when I said that we should make it in a timeline and create a chart from the 18000 BC to the 1900's.

Today I feel like I didn't do a good job communicating because I kept on cracking jokes and made everyone lose focus on their task. I also distracted them and did not focus on my task and so we ran out of time

On Wednesday 29/3/2017 we performed our first line of inquiry which is evolution of music. Mr Cabral Gave us lots of instructive feedback so next time we should improve more.

In my first line of inquiry we had found out a time line about how music has evolved from the 18000BC to 1952 and I also learned about how music was Created, composed and what was the reason. I feel we can research more on why music was made and how did the music develop so fast.

In my second line of inquiry I had found out about the different types of genres that made the music different and who invented this type of music. we also listed own when it was made and for what cause. I feel we could do more research on more types of genres and work on the way of presenting our work uniquely.

In my third line of inquiry I had found out about the different perspectives on music and why people have different opinions on them. I also learned that if your personality is different it impacts the perspective and why. I feel i could do more research on the ways people have different perspectives and which personality matches what perspective.

Formulating Questions: I made up questions that i could research and find lots of information about it when I needed to find different ways to present my third line of inquiry.

Observing: I used all my senses to notice important or relevant details by recording my data that was necessary and by focusing on topic and not disturbing others.

Planning: I began to plan my research when I found the important and really necessary. I also planned a different way to present my research and formulating questions to the other groups.

Collecting Data: I used the internet to collect data for my lines of inquiry one and the concepts. I also used it to research on songs in the past present and maybe in the future.

Recording Data: I took notes full of main points without copying sentences when I had mentor meetings and when we needed the music room to practice for the first line of inquiry.

Organising data: I made observations and conclusions about my mentor meetings and also about the feedback on our performance given by my friends and other teachers.

Week 6 PYP Exhibition

These are my reflections on the two parts in the Inquiry Circle.

Week 7 PYP Exhibition

These are all the concepts and the four that I choose are Form, Change, Function and Causation.

Form- We enjoyed learning all the lines of inquiry but the one I had most fun was on the 3rd line of inquiry which is different genres of music. I learnt best when I concentrated on the projects and had fun while learning. I think I work better in a group rather than individual because there is someone to help me and support me.

Change- Our lines of inquiry have not changed but our concepts did as they did not function well with our topic. We have always worked together and never even had one fight. We supported each other and had lots of fun. Nobody takes advantage of someone else in our group because we all are the same.

Function- I feel I help other people in our group by giving them new ideas and ways to solve one problem. I think I come up with easier ways to do something hard. I think my best contribution so far is giving the ideas to present and to find materials to use because on time we needed a steel wire that we could bend so I took a safety pin and disassembled it making a steel wire.

Causation- I think that only grade 5 has the exhibition is so that we can prove to the teachers and parents we have learnt something new and informative this year and that we are ready to graduate and enter the secondary which is the 6th grade. This exhibition has prepared me for my future in the higher grades and it improved my knowledge by letting me understand the UOI board and how we need to do teamwork.

Week 8 PYP Exhibition

This is the logo for our exhibition T-shirts made by one of the students

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