Dekeville Eric Wigginton, Brisa Gonzalez, Kameron Kimmel:)


What Type- We will have a democracy as our government. We will have a President, a Vise-President, Secretary of State. We will have a military incase of a war.You will have three warnings after this you will be killed.


  1. No drugs besides when a doctor prescribes for medicinal purposes.
  2. No abortions.
  3. Can only have one pet.
  4. Also no lesvieans,gey,or bysexuals aloud.
  5. You will be required to go get a checkup every week to make sure no diseases enter our community.

School System

About The School- Our school would be a public school free for everyone. Everyone In the community has to go to school. A robot teaches it. No Dress Code. Your children start at the age of five. School is in session Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Subjects- Math, Language, Computer Class, Science, and Gateway, Gym.You will be having a period for all of these classes.


Families in our community will be chosen by filling out an application.Based on your traits and characteristics you will be given a spouse.You will be able to have your own children.You can only have two children.

Our families will be Patriarchal which means it will be controlled by the father.Not everyone will have the same house.


About Housing- Everyone has there own house. The sizes of the houses vary according to your job. You can not own a house until you have a marry someone. If you do not have a spouse than you will live in an apartment.


We think everyone should apply for their job that they prefer and if they don't get the job they wanted they'll get the leftover jobs.You will be trained since the age of 14 so by the age of 20 you will take a test for that career.

Engineer, Doctors, Chefs, Construction workers, IT manager, Farmers.





All the food is our community is free.You can trade with others in your community.Our money will be called Deke Dollars and you will be paid by the your job and job position.The money will be used for restaurants,clothing,cinema's,bowling and roller and ice skating ,and other personal things.


When you start off in the community you start off with a bike to get places

When you turn the age of 16 you get a car and you trade in your bike for a new transportation system.You may get a different type of car if you pay for it with Deke bills ,but this one will be given you you for free.


The climate will be warm and moist most of the year. The environment is rainforest so we can hang out with cool animals like this. This will help us plant crops.The temperature can be from a 70 to 85.There will be a beach.

This is the flag of Dekeville


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