Valentine's Day recipes you'll love By Delilah Brumer

Cover photo by Barb Steinacker.

Quarantine has caused many students to feel far from celebratory, but one of the best ways to get in the Valentine's Day mood is to bake. Here are a few recipes that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Chocolate-Covered strawberries

Photo by Lindsey Turner.

No treat says "Valentine's Day" better than chocolate-covered strawberries. This recipe is perfect to share and easy to make. What makes it even better is you only need three ingredients. You can also customize your strawberries with sprinkles and food coloring: the possibilities are endless. Get the full recipe here.

Festive sugar cookies

Photo by Bill Dickinson.

Sugar cookies are some of the most classic and versatile holiday treats. This recipe includes a version of sugar cookies that are great for showing your love. The adorable heart-shaped cookies are iced with Valentine's Day colors. Although the recipe requires a bit more involvement than simpler recipes, it can be made easier by buying icing instead of making it. Find the recipe here.

Red velvet cake balls

Photo by Leo Katana.

This recipe is perfect for anyone who is a red velvet enthusiast. These delicious, bite-sized cake balls are comprised of red velvet centers, cream cheese frosting and white chocolate chips. They are also great to make if you are new to baking. If you don't like making from scratch, the red velvet batter is made from cake mix. Get the recipe here.

Valentine's Day cupcakes

Photo by Richard Gillin.

These Valentine's Day cupcakes are phenomenal treats to put you in a good mood. They are made with a rich chocolate batter. The recipe also includes directions to make a pink cream cheese frosting, but you can also buy frosting if you want to simplify the recipe. You can also add cute heart cake toppers for more pizzazz. Find the recipe here.

M&M brownies

Photo by David DeHoey.

If you like chocolate, you'll fall in love with these brownies. The brownies are rich and fudgy and are topped with Valentine's Day M&M's. These are also great if you're in a hurry. They only take about 35 minutes to make. Find the full recipe here.