People judge based on Appearances Frankenstein themes

"Unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created, I rushed out of the room and continued a long time" page 70
Frankenstein left as soon as he saw the monster was ugly, and became angry at himself and left the monster by himself just because of the way he looked
"Who can describe their horror and consternation upon seeing me, Agatha fainted" page 170
Just because of the way that he looks everybody started to freak out and one person even fainted
"I hardly knew why; but when the man saw me draw near he aimed a gun which he carried at my body and fired" page 177
The man thought that the monster was bad and trying to harm is daughter just because of the way that he looked and didn't notice he was helping so he shot the monster
"As soon as he beheld my form, he placed his hands before his eyes and uttered a shrill scream" page 179
The only reason the boy screamed is because of the monster's appearance and he thought he was bad
"Never did I behold a vision so horrible as his face of such loathsome yet appalling hideousness" page 276
Walton called Frankenstein ugly just on first sight as soon as he saw him even after hearing the story


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