social media's impact on relationships Hush


  • Introduction
  • social media's positive influence on relationships
  • social media's negative influence on relationships
  • Conclusion!search
  • Social media is a online commutative platform for people to interact ,share contents and collaborate.( Margaret, 2017)
  • The number of Americans who have a social media profile increased to 78 percent.(the U.S. population with a social network profile 2016).

1.Easy to establish contact as it offers many ways to communicate which were not possible before.(Tufekci,2012, p.1)


2.Extend the number of friends(Dunbar, cited in Konnikova 2014 ,p.1) and find who have same interests with you.(Tufekci, 2012,p.2)

How much time you spend on social media everyday?

How many friends you have on your Facebook or WeChat ?

But how many friends who you can call them close friends ?

The New Yorker ,06 March, 2017

Social media causes the fragile and superficial relationship.

1.According to Bonanno(2015,p.1),although social media is a convenient and immediately satisfying way to get in touch with others which helps us overcome loneliness , the relationship on Internet is limited.

Lens No.6 , p.35
Lens No.6, p.44

2. It’s distracting us from actually spending time together.(Soule, 2016)


The popularity of social media lead to a disconnected and uninformed society since the connectivity among people have become wider and crowder but more fragile and external.!search



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