More Productive Meetings Module 2.3

Let's explore a few ways to be more productive in our meetings and encourage better follow-through.

Who likes meetings? Too long? Not prepared? Didn't accomplish what you hoped to accomplish?

"I just love meetings!"

~ said no one ever

With better use of G Suite tools, you can help meetings be an opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, make plans, and prepare.

Let's synthesize these tools and skills we've already learned to make meetings a more productive and effective use of everyone's time. We'll look at both in-person and virtual meetings.

Calendar, Hangouts, Docs, Drive

In-Person Meetings

Let's start with in-person meetings. What can we do before, during, and afterwards?

  1. Participants arrive knowing beforehand what they need to achieve.
  2. Discussions are kept on track and follow an agenda
  3. Participants leave knowing what the next steps are and how to follow-up

Watch this video to see how Molly makes her meetings more effective:

It's your turn to use your knowledge of Google Calendar to set up a meeting:

Use your knowledge of Google Calendar to set up a meeting:

  1. Create a new event
  2. Invite colleagues by email
  3. Find a suggested time when others are free
  4. RSVP
  5. Attach a shared Google Doc with the agenda
  6. Record the minutes within a shared Google Doc

Consider the following:

Source: Google for Education Training Center

Click on each image for possible solutions to common challenges:

Source: Google for Education Training Center
Source: Google for Education Training Center
Source: Google for Education Training Center

Problem - Goal - Success

What is one way you could use Google Calendar and Google Docs to run better meetings and be more efficient? Jot down one problem, one goal, and how you’ll know if you're successful.

Anytime Meetings

Often we need to meet with someone but can't get together. Either we're in different locations or our schedules don't align. Email and texting isn't sufficient to collaborate or solve a problem. What to do?


Video conferencing is a powerful professional tool, not just an easy way to stay in touch with family and friends.

How could you use Google Hangouts for these reasons or others to communicate?

  • Teacher on another campus
  • Parent of a student unable to make it to a parent-teacher conference
  • A student who has been sick and can't come to school
  • Expert in another location
  • Student-to-student classroom discussion

Video Hangouts can have up to 15 participants at once and will switch as each person speaks. Real-time chat, video conferencing and screen sharing is built in.

Add a video call within the calendar event and all participants have the link handy

Notice how Hangouts don't really end. They stay in your chat list until you archive or leave the conversation

You can also manage the bandwidth if your network is limited

Bridging the cultural divide

How can you also use video conferencing to expand the walls of your classroom?

What could this teacher do in this scenario?

Source: Google for Education Training Center

Let's tie it all together and review

Gmail, Hangouts, Sites, Calendar
  • Gmail can streamline communication and help keep you organized so things don't fall through the cracks
  • Google Hangouts fosters real-time communication and can expand the walls of your classroom
  • Google Sites helps you showcase your students' learning with the larger school community
  • Google Calendar helps you stay organized in the many facets of your life and can improve efficiency of meetings
Reflect: What is something new you're going to try as you move forward from here?


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