Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter

Term 1 Student-Led Conferences

Communicating regularly with parents regarding your child’s learning goals, progress and areas for development is a key priority for our school. In 2021 we will be holding parent/teacher/student conferences in Week 8 of this term (15-19 March). We will be holding three-way conferences with you, your child and your child’s class teacher on-site at Anzac Park PS. Appointments for these conferences will be through an online booking system. An email letting you know that appointments have opened will be sent next week. The partnership between home and school is vital in maximising the learning of your child.

Anzac Park School Improvement Plan 2021 - 2024

Work on our 2021-2024 School Improvement Plan began last year through a comprehensive situational analysis of our school's current state. Through the collection of qualitative and quantitative data, combined with the collection of evidence and engagement in current research in education, we have been able to identify three main directions. Three strategic directions entitled Foundations, Synergy and Belonging frame our vision for the coming school planning cycle. Underpinning these directions are core strategies that focus on areas such as literacy, numeracy, assessment, use of data to inform teaching and learning, partnerships with parents, 21st Century capabilities and targeted professional learning for teachers. I look forward to sharing more details on the plan and our school’s directions at next week’s P&C meeting on Tuesday 9 March at 7pm.

Instructional Leadership: Reading in Classrooms

This semester our staff will be working with the Department of Education Literacy and Numeracy Team to evaluate and refine our school's approach to teaching reading. Currently our two Instructional Leaders, Mrs Amy Sackville and Mr Jeremy Hart, are observing all class's reading programs, to gain a holistic understanding of how reading is currently being taught K-6 so that a consistent approach can be established. It has been fantastic to see the evidence-based approaches being used in classrooms and students' engagement in quality texts.

Stage 2 Aboriginal Experiences Incursion

Stage 2 Aboriginal Experiences Incursion

On Monday and Tuesday this week Years 3 & 4 had the pleasure of participating in an incursion run by the Gumaraa Rangers. Students began the day by participating in a traditional smoking ceremony before splitting into groups to experience:

  • Boomerang throwing
  • Indigenous art workshops
  • Bush tucker workshop
  • Traditional dancing
  • Indigenous artifacts exploration

This incursion was part of our inquiry unit exploring 'Continuity and Change' with a focus on how indigenous cultures and history are such an integral part of Australia's past and future identify.

Creating a Safe Environment

At Anzac Park we recognise that school is not just about academic outcomes but that it is about the wellbeing of the ‘whole child’. Research highlights that students who have higher levels of wellbeing are more likely to have higher achievement outcomes at school and complete Year 12, better mental health and more pro-social, responsible lifestyle.

The literature consistently identifies a number of core elements that affect student wellbeing. These can be grouped broadly into the following:

  • creating a safe environment
  • ensuring connectedness
  • engaging students in learning
  • promoting social and emotional learning
  • a whole school approach

This year our school is focused on creating a safe environment. A safe school is one where the physical environment is safe and does not lead to harm or injury for students; the emotional environment is one of positivity and free from negative behaviours such as bullying which can affect mental health; and where a healthy lifestyle is promoted through initiatives such as increased participation in sport and/or healthy food at the canteen.

Our teachers from K-6 are currently collecting student survey data on the core element of creating a safe environment. Questions explored school climate, the way teachers and students interact and how students treat each other. Teachers will be using this data to support planning and initiate action within programs, classrooms and across the school.

Learning Hub Snapshot - Ocean

This term, Ocean has been exploring how artists share their perspective through Subject Matter, Material and Techniques. Through a focus on Ken Done and Brett Whiteley, so far we have:

  • Focused on Sydney Harbour as our Subject Matter.
  • Utilised Oil Pastels and Acrylic Paints as our Material.
  • Created texture by applying our art paper to different surfaces, a very sophisticated Technique.

Keep an eye out in the weeks to come as we shift our focus to Chrysovalantou Mavroudis (Watercolour Artist from Sydney) and Esme Timberry (Australian Bidjigal shellworker).

As you can see in the images, we have Livia and Elias showing off their draft + technique work with oil pastels, before completing their published take on Ken Done's work. We also have four student draft pieces, where we have first practiced our techniques with acrylic paint, and now look forward to publishing our take on Brett Whiteley's work.

Requesting an NDIS-funded therapy service for your child at school

There may be times when families ask for an NDIS-funded service provider to work with their child in the school. Principals have the authority to determine if and when NDIS-funded services can be provided during school hours and must ensure that the flow of the school day is not interrupted.

If your child has an NDIS plan and you would like further information regarding accessing NDIS-funded therapy for your child at school please contact:

  • Amy Sackville (Kindergarten - Year 2 Deputy Principal): amy.rogers9@det.nsw.edu.au
  • Jeremy Hart (Year 3- Year 6 Deputy Principal): jeremy.hart13@det.nsw.edu.au

Junior Coding & Robotics Club

Thank you to all Stage 2 students who returned their note for Junior Coding and Robotics Club. We have had an overwhelming response! On Friday last week students received an acceptance slip for:

  • Semester 1 - to begin Friday 5 March (Green slip)
  • Semester 2 - to begin Friday 23 July (Yellow slip)

If your child did not receive a green or yellow slip, they were unsuccessful in our lottery draw and will not be participating in Junior Coding and Robotics Club in 2021. Students are more than welcome to re-apply in 2022.

Gold & Silver Award Recipients

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday 9 March - P&C AGM
Friday 12 March - Zone Swimming Carnival
22-24 March - Stage 3 Overnight Excursion
15 March - 18 April - Student Led Conferences
Friday 19 March - Harmony Day
Thursday 1 April - Last day Term 1
Tuesday 20 April - First day Term 2