Tour of the Harn Sydney Lile


I visited the Harn Museum of Art on March 15th, 2017. While at the Harn, I viewed exhibits such as "Meant to be Shared", "Mirror, Mirror... Portraits of Frida Kahlo", "Elusive Spirits: African Masquerades", and "The Art of Cundo Bermúdez". I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the museum and plan to do it again in the near future.

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Arts

One piece of art that I could not have been able to fully appreciate had I not seen it in person was "Gate #2" by Ross Bleckner. The painting is an optical illusion that makes it seem like you're behind bars and trapped as you step towards the painting. Ross did this by using the coloring of the painting to look like variations of light. I found this painting to be so striking because I saw it from across the room and walked towards it to get a better look, but immediately was affected by it as I got closer. This painting communicated a feeling of momentary confusion as to what was happening while I stepped toward the painting. This piece of artwork made me feel very trapped, both physically and mentally.

Design of the Museum

I found the wing that is directly next to the entrance to be particularly appealing because of the wide, open space that spread the art around. The lighting was nice because it was primarily focused on the artwork. I also enjoyed the natural lighting that came through the floor-to-ceiling windows along the entrance hallway. This exhibit was very quiet and it made me feel very at peace and like I could solely focus on the artwork with no distractions.

Art and Core Values

One piece of art that I believe showcased one of my core values was "Family" by Agustin Cardenas. Family has always been a very important aspect of my life and this sculpture showcases that because it shows three separate people that are all connected. This sculpture made me feel a sense of longing to be with my own family, who live 5 hours away from me. However, this sculpture also reminded me and gave me a better understanding that I will always have a connection to them, no matter the distance.

Art and the Good Life

One piece of art, that was actually a costume, that I believe followed the theme of "Celebrating the Good Life" was "Okakagbe Masquerade Costume" by Lawrence Ajanaku. This was one of several costumes displayed in the exhibit. I believe that this piece communicates "Celebrating the Good Life" because of it's bright colors and the fact that it was worn to portray characters in plays that would be performed in the villages. These performances usually involved dancing, as well. This piece adds to my understanding of the theme of "Celebrating the Good Life" because it gave me another culture's perspective of how they celebrate the good life.

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