The Life of a Counselor By: Carly McLaughlin

The daily tasks- They have meetings with children, and parents, and group meetings.

Work Schedule- Psychologists in private practices often set their own hours, they could possibly work evenings, or weekends to accommodate clients.

Salary- A private practice psychologist makes about $81,430

Work environment- Some psychologists have a room in an office, but some travel to make the child or parents more comfortable.

Issues/Problems- They work odd, and long hours, and also have to deal with moody children, parents.

Benefits- Comfortable working conditions, above average pay, and emotional satisfaction.

How they help. They help by leading them to more happy and productive lives. They help parents with children who have emotional problems, and help with children's self esteem, and gives them a trustworthy person to talk to in private.

Education- they must have a doctorate, and or a master's degree.

Work skills- Analytical skills, communication, and observation skills, patience, people and problem solving skills, and trustworthiness.


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