LLL Town By: Braden Steuer

Play Lacrosse Everyday Like It's Your Last Day Ever

Mission Statement

Play Lacrosse and become the best that you can be. Don't play to be good, play to be the best.


1: You can chose your cloths

2: Everyone has to play lacrosse and another sport... no baseball

3:School is required but 4 hours a day, you can skip with little consequence

4: You rarely lie

5: You choose your job based on the amount of times you skipped school

6: Only eat so much food a day

7: On school nights go to bed at 9... Weekends you go to bed at 12

8:Everyone must believe in god

9: No drugs, alcohol, or phones other than texting

10: You get 1 million dollars to spend a year per person

Daily Schedule

8am: Start getting ready for the day

9am: Eat breakfast

9:30am: Go to school

12:30pm: Lunch at school

3:30pm: Schools out

4pm: Hang out with friends/do what you want

6pm: Lacrosse or other sport starts

8pm: Sport ends

8-9pm: Do very little homework... It's rare

9:30pm: Go to bed

Other Information

  • Located in california
  • Have a Monarchy/Republic government
  • You have to have some sort of connection to lacrosse to come
  • No fighting besides in games
  • If found breaking the rules.. you will be in trouble
  • Make good choices when living in the LLL


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